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Young Elite Vancouver has been dedicated to connecting outstanding business elite in Vancouver, rewarding outstanding entrepreneurs and contributing to the greater Vancouver community since 2015.


Having The Annual Gala as our flagship event, Y.E. Vancouver collaborates with organizations and companies to initiate

 - Professional Business Seminars & Workshops

 - Entrepreneur Presentations & Idea Exchange

 - Young Elite Entrepreneurship Competitions

 - Incubator Projects with Incoming Entrepreneurs

 - Community Charity Events

And More......

We are proud to share

Every young business professionals and incoming entrepreneurs at Y.E. are all making significant impacts by building lasting businesses, offering excellent services, and doing their best to contribute to local and international communities.

Embrace Love Tianjin Tang Gu 8.12 Fundraising 2015

Affected by the devastating explosion that occurred in Tanggu, Tianjin, China on Aug 12th, 2015, more than 1,200 people including firefighters, police and residents of  Tanggu were killed.


Y.E. Vancouver was determined to gather young professionals and entrepreneurs to raise $40,000 CAD for victims and their families directly through the Tanggu TianjinFire Department. 

The Y.E. Annual Gala 2016 

The 2016 Y.E. Annual Gala is the very first huge, high-profile networking event we held to gather local business elites. During the night, speakers from well-recognized local real estate organizations had shared insights about the Vancouver market and experiences in successful business operations.

Y.E. Vancouver Backdraw.jpg
The Y.E. Annual Gala 2017

The 2017 Y.E. Annual Gala was the 2nd Young Elite Year End Gala. We had strengthened our network in the past year and had invited Dan Lok and Alice Chen as our event keynote speakers.


They shared their story of success and their valuable experiences in business in Vancouver as a 2nd generation Chinese immigrant.

The Y.E. Annual Gala 2018 

This year's Annual Gala came with the Great Gatsby Party theme, more than 400 attendees dressed up luxurious and classic outfits just like the 1920s.


Delicious food, great drinks, networking, photo booths, games, prizes and much more enriched the night with laugh and friendship.

YE 2019 Event LOGO .JPG
The Y.E. Annual Gala 2019

The theme of the Y.E. Annual Gala 2019 is "Relay 接力“, it embraces a meaningful idea that the young generation will be building the bridge to high-level cooperation, foster exchange of ideas and resources, and closer the cultural and generation gap between China and Canada.

The Lafite Night 2019

The Lafite Night 2019 is a brand-new event that the Y.E. committees had organized to celebrate the hard work and progress we made throughout 2019.


Thanks to the principal of the Vancouver Wine School, more than 100 business leaders and elites had come together to learn and taste some premium red wine.

Screen Shot 2020-07-22 at 16.58.37.png
Fathers' Day Celebration 2019

Putting off the suits and the role of a successful business leader/entrepreneur, many of Y.E. members are just fathers of their sons or daughters. There are good times and times of headache as a dad.

Y.E. would love to embrace the leisure time and share that and learn from each other at this awesome Fathers' Day. 

Together We Fight COVID-19 

2020 has been a really tough year, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic. Y.E. is determined to support the frontline medical professionals in Wuhan, China by donating necessary medical supplies; and support the local community by hosting a series of live shows with experts to answer some most frequently asked questions they heard from the community

Blank Poster.JPG
Y.E. Golf Tournament 2020

Stepping onto one of the best-golfing courts in British Columbia- Furry Creek, welcome to the 2020 Y.E. Golf Tournament. This July, Y.E. has gathered more than 100 golf lovers from our network to join our golf friendly match, share the breeze and sunlight, and enjoy the great summer together in Squamish.

Y.E. Share a Plate 2021

Thank you to the Care to Give Foundation, sponsor restaurants, local media and everyone who came out to the 2021 Share a Plate event.Y.E. had given out more than 500+ lunchbox to the people that need help in the downtown eastside. 

Y.E. is committed and will continue to give back to the society and care for vulnerable groups in the community. 

YE 爱心午餐.png
Y.E. Golf Tournament 2021

After the successful YE Golf Tournament 2020, this year YE and our fellow members and friends have gathered in the beautiful Furry Creek Golf Course again to enjoy our 2nd Golf Tournament! 

Thanks to all our sponsors and all your support, this year we had more than 150+ participants joining the tournament and had given out more than $10,000+ CAD of gifts and prizes! 

Y.E. Recruitment Fair 2022

The Y.E. 2022 Recruitment Fair gathered more than 300 international students in Vancouver to celebrate the arrival of 2022.


This was the first major in-person event for overseas students since the pandemic, aimed at supporting them to quickly adapt to overseas life and to broaden their social-networks, unlocking a new post-pandemic chapter.

Y.E. Golf Tournament 2022

Y.E. and our fellow members and friends have gathered in the Burnaby Riverway Golf Club and enjoyed the 3rd Annual Golf Tournament! 

The 2022 Y.E. Charity Golf Cup have raised a total of $25,000 CAD to the Burnaby Hospital Foundation. Special Thanks to the The Jim Pattison Foundation in supporting the event with "Match Funding". 

Thanks to all our sponsors and all your support, this year we had more than 150+ participants joining the tournament and had given out more than $25,000+ CAD of gifts and prizes! 

Y.E. Year End Gala 2022

This year's theme is "十里洋场,潮聚九州". We hope that under the guidance of keywords such as "New Chinese Style 新中式", "China Chic 国潮" and "Chinese Attitude 中国态度", we will celebrate the achievements of excellent local Asian youth and enterprises in Vancouver, actively introduce high-quality domestic enterprise resources for local young entrepreneurs in Vancouver.

Y.E. will also uphold the tradition to present awards to outstanding young startups and outstanding young entrepreneurs of the year.

Y.E. Holiday Giving 2023.png
Y.E. Share a Plate 2023

Collaborating with Care to Live Foundation, sponsored by Cielle Properties and greatly supported by the City of Vancouver, it is Y.E.'s third Share a Plate event in the downtown eastside. 

We handed over 500+ lunchboxes and coffee to people in need in the neighbourhood and hope to motivate more organizatios and businesses to support our community in the future.

Y.E. Expert Talk - Dan Lok

Y.E. values connection and is delighted to grow with our fellow members and friends. We bring experts in different fields / industries to let them share their insights in popular topics such as entrepreneurship, social media, human resources, taxes and so on.

This year, we are hournored to have Mr. Dan Lok, influencer with over 10+ Million followers in the world, managing partner of DragonX Capital to share his view of social media, self-media, and his story of success in Vancouver.

Y.E. Wine Tasting Event

Y.E.'s very first member-only wine tasting event. Y.E. gathered 20 members in this boutique event to not only learn wine tasting but also to connect, mingle and network. 

A special thank you to our sponsors Lang Jiu for hosting the event and our supporting corporate and individual members for joining us! 


Y.E. Golf Tournament 2023

Y.E. 4th Annual Golf Tournament! This year we continued to have this amazing event in the Burnaby Riverway Golf Club.

Y.E. is delighted to have Burnaby Hospital Foundation as our charity partner and thanks to all our sponsors and participants' support, we have raised a total of $50,000 CAD to support new initiatives for the Burnaby Hospital. 

Screen Shot 2023-09-28 at 00.37.05.png
Y.E. Coffee Tasting Event

Y.E. 2nd member-only event in 2023! We are pleased to have two very experienced barista to show our fellow member different kind of coffee, and how to taste and distinuish them. 

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