8.12 Tianjin Tang Gu Fundraising

There was a serious, devastating explosion that occurred in Tanggu, Tianjin, China on Aug 12th, 2015, killing more than 1,200 people including firefighters, police, and residents in Tang Gu.
Y.E. Vancouver and the Tianjin Haihe Fellowship Association were much concerned about supporting the victims and their families after this tragedy.
That brings all young professionals and entrepreneurs in Vancouver, while a lot of them were being originated from China to raise funds and support people that suffer from this incident. 

Many of the young professionals and entrepreneurs that participated in this event, including executives or members of Y.E. Vancouver are second-generation Chinese Canadians. 


Being originated in China, we wanted to do more than just looking at our local economy, but also to be aware of our social responsibility internationally, especially to give back to our motherland. 


Thanks to more than 30+ corporate and media sponsors, we have raised more than $40,000 CAD for victims and their families of this devastating explosion. All the fund raised in this event was donated directly to the victims and their families through the Tianjin Tanggu Fire Department.

We wanted to thank all participating sponsors, media sponsors, and all companies and individuals that participated to support the people in Tianjin Tang Gu
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Many of participating young professionals and entrepreneurs in Vancouver are showing our sincere support and concern about Tianjin, supporting all Tang Gu residents, and thanking all heroic firefighters and police officers that helped in the rescue operation



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